In 2007, poet Nessa O’Mahony began to facilitate a creative writing and reading workshop for the Adult Education department of University College Dublin. The idea behind the workshop was to examine the work of 10 women writers over a 200 year period, and to respond creatively to those writers using a variety of creative writing techniques. Writers considered included Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Virginia Woolf, Kate O’Brien and Anne Stevenson. The 20 women writers who signed up for the first workshop produced some amazing work in response to the writers being read.

The course will resume in Autumn 2008 and the idea behind the blog is to create a wider dialogue on the theme between women writers everywhere, using Facebook and this blog as a stimulus. It would be great to hear about women writers who have acted as role models for members or who have influenced their work. It would be marvellous to get posts that included creative responses to the women writers mentioned in the course of discussion.

Let’s just see what happens.


One Response to “About”

  1. Maria said

    Like you, Nessa, Virginia Woolf is one of the women writers who influenced me. Not that I write like her–I don’t write with anything close to that intellectual depth and fluidity. But when I read Woolf as a teenager, she proved what I hoped was the case: that women could take on the big themes and do the intellectual heavy-lifting that men could. Even when she’s grappling with the darkest of themes–as she so often does–her work gives me joy. Because she wrote with such courage and clarity and passion. She made me proud to be a woman–and gave me something to aspire to as a writer.

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